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AJC Training has been created by myself Anthony Chapman to help others in achieving any goal they desire both in fitness, nutrition and lifestyle. I have been a personal trainer for a few years now and have experienced a number of unique goals ranging from fat loss to prepping for a physique competition, I want to use my experience and pass those on to people who are willing to except change, a change that allows them the opportunity of success in any goal they desire.
So what I have provided on this website is a way for you to find out more about these three key areas, fitness, nutrition and lifestyle. If I can provide an effective and informative website I can give you something that may open your mind to new methods of achieving results and unique understanding  based on these three areas. I will also be providing the three areas of communication listed below, all of which when clicked on will link you to the appropriate page. 


programmes designed to target results specific to goals such as fat loss, muscle building, sports specific, area specific and physique. Many more will follow.


1-2-1 Training online, focusing on specialised nutritional and exercise programmes specific to achieving your results.


Videos based on subjects around fitness, health and nutritional advice. All of which interactive to all of you, answering your fitness questions.

  1. Ever since I've trained with Anthony I've found I can push myself further than my original goal, I've gone from losing half a stone to running a marathon and I'm loving it.
  2. if it wasn't for all the help with talking about my food I would still be stuck on yo yo dieting. Thank you so much.